Echuca Football Club Grandstand

Anti-Bird Netting was installed to the Echuca Football Club grandstand and both the Murray Shire Council and the local footy […]

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Creekside College- Bird Netting

Anti-Bird Netting was installed to Creekside College primary school in Caroline Springs recently constructed undercover assembly canopy.

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Birds Nesting in your roof

We will remove the Birds we find nesting then carryout the necessary Bird Proofing. When Bird Mites are detected we […]

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Birds Perching on and Nesting under Solar Panels

We can evict all birds from nesting under solar panels and is now quite common to find pigeons to be […]

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Domestic/Residential Bird Control

With Birds perching on your window ledges or guttering we can offer a range of Bird Deterrents and implement a […]

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Birds Nesting in and around your home

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GRAIN CORP- Bird Netting

Anti-Bird 19mm Netting was installed to stop pigeons from perching through out grain delivery receiving shed in Geelong.

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High Rise_-Bird Netting

We were contracted in by Allard Shelton Property Group to stop the pigeons from continuing to roost and nest on […]

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QANTAS- Safety Netting

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McCORMICKS FOODS-Seagull Exclusion System

McCormick foods had a huge problem with Seagulls landing nesting on the their roof where they were making a huge […]

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FRANKSTON CITY COUNCIL-Seagull Exclusion System

Here we installed our Seagull Exclusion System at Cube 37 and with this unique project we designed our system to […]

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Here we installed black Bird Shock Track to the top of LED sign which is situated on the Young and […]

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We installed 50mm Anti-Bird Netting to Quest building in Collins St to permantely stop pigeons from continuing to perch and […]

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Melbourne Wholesale Seafood Centre-Bird Netting

Elite Bird Control was contracted in to install our Anti-Bird Netting to all their undercover awnings at Melbourne’s newest Seafood […]

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Melbourne Seafood Centre-Bird Netting

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Frankston Library-Seagull Exclusion System

The Frankston Library had an on going issue with Seagulls nesting all over their roof for many years and the […]

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Southern Health Hospital – Bird Shock Track

At Southern Health in warrnambool their newly renovated hospital was under attack from the local Cockatoo population. These destructive birds […]

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Sandown Greyhound Racecourse – Bird Netting

Anti-Bird Netting was installed up into the roof void around the timber paneling to complement the unique architecture so no […]

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Plenty Views contracted Elite in to fix an ongoing pest and native bird issue at the driving range and utilised […]

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Linak in Hallam contracted us to prevent pest birds nesting under their awning. We installed our HDPE Diamond Netting.

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DHL in Tullamarine contracted us to net off their 3 awnings for pest birds.

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CAT Logistics in Tullamarine contracted us to net off their awning to stop pest birds roosting on the beams and […]

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Camberwell Grammar School contracted us to fix a Pigeon roosting and nesting problem in an open plant area.

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Bird Netting and Bird Control Services from Mornington to Dandenong

Birds are fascinating creatures to admire from afar, but when they start to plague your home or business, they can become a serious pest. Not only can they be a general nuisance by contributing to noise pollution and shedding loose feathers, they can also cause significant damage to structures and property with their acidic droppings, spread illness and disease, and increase the risks to the health and safety of humans and their pets. Though they can amass anywhere, large congregations of birds often flock to and overwhelm coastal areas, such as Mornington, Frankston, and Seaford.

Bird netting, bird repellents, and anti-bird spikes are just a few of the efficient bird exclusion products that our experienced team at Elite Bird Control employ to provide effective bird deterrent and bird control services. We’ll keep your residential or commercial building protected from infestations and save you from the costly expenses involved in the cleaning and repairing of befouled and damaged gutters, eaves, roofing, plumbing, windows, solar panels, and other structural features.

Bird deterrent services for all of Melbourne’s CBD and suburbs

You might think that an area that doesn’t have a beach nearby would have very few bird problems, but feathery pests like pigeons and even seagulls can invade the city or a suburb as far in from the coast as Dandenong. Bird netting and other bird nesting deterrents can alleviate the problems caused by the wide variety of birds that call all areas of Melbourne home, but it’s important to remember that different species nest and behave in different ways, which is why consulting with a professional is vital. We have extensive experience in the field and knowledge of what’s in your skies, and will tailor a unique solution to your specific needs to ensure that you have the best personalised bird control measures in place.

Insured, humane, and effective bird proofing and pest control

Elite Bird Control takes every precaution not to hurt any creatures with our bird control methods, and only use those that meet all of Victoria’s protective guidelines and regulations for wildlife, ourselves, and you. You can trust us to take the responsibility of humane pest control seriously while we get the job done and implement the best bird deterrent strategy for you.

Need bird netting and bird exclusion services?

We’re always available to answer any enquiries you have about our services and discuss what bird control methods are suitable for you. Join the growing number of protected Melbourne residents and businesses and give us a call on 1300 675 502 or contact us online.