Domestic/Residential Bird Control

With Birds perching on your window ledges or guttering we can offer a range of Bird Deterrents and implement a variety of bird proofing strategies to help evict these unwanted birds from these types of areas.

    • Bird Spikes on Ledges
    • Post & Wire Deterrents on Guttering
    • Bird Proofing of Guttering.

Birds Perching on and Nesting under Solar Panels


We can evict all birds from nesting under solar panels and is now quite common to find pigeons to be the main culprits and create the most damage. The solar panels obviously provide great protection from the elements and they provide the same type of sanctuary for pigeons (Rock Doves) that they are generally familiar with within the urban environment landscape.


When pigeons and other pest bird species are allowed to continue nest under and perch on solar panels they will eventually create a great deal of mess and fouling from the accumulation of droppings and debris from nesting material which will lead to the overflowing of the roof guttering and blocking of drains and spouting.
Also it is important to mention in particular with dealing with pigeons they are quite damaging by reducing the efficiency of the panels over time with their droppings on the panels and their droppings are corrosive which could lead to electrolysis with the variety of materials and fixings directly related to the solar panels.

How we can help:

We can permantely stop the different variety of pest birds from nesting under solar panels and prevent them from landing on the leading edge of the solar panels.
To stop birds from nesting under the solar panels we install a barrier mesh to the perimeter of the solar panels and the mesh is backed with a 10 year manufactures warranty. We install the mesh to the outer perimeter where we use a very unique patented fastening system where no drilling or penetrating of the outer panels so no damage or voiding of warranties will occur. Once the barrier has been installed and now the pigeons have been evicted and are not allowed to continually nest and are not protected and are exposed to the elements they will now move on.

Pigeons Perching on Solar Panels- Bird Spikes

Birds Nesting in and around your home

We can also help rid you of pest Birds roosting under your Carports, Pergola’s, Roof Eaves, Patio’s and your undercover entertaining areas etc:

Pigeons Nesting under eaves were evicted

Birds where Nesting in a Carport so Anti-Bird Netting was installed

Pest Birds perching through out the under cover entertaining area also Anti-Bird Netting was installed to keep all birds out.

Birds Nesting in your roof

We will remove the Birds we find nesting then carryout the necessary Bird Proofing. When Bird Mites are detected we will carry out an insecticidal treatment to rid your property of these Pests.

Typical Bird Nests Found in Roofs :

Bird Mites Detected in Roofs