An easy solution for bird proofing your solar panels

Elite Bird recognises that a welcome focus is gradually being turned to solar panelling for the numerous advantages they provide, particularly in Melbourne. In doing this, we saw an obvious problem with the move towards solar panelling —there is significant potential for solar panels to be damaged due to pests.

We at Elite Bird have consequently devised a simple, affordable solution that will translate to the easy upkeep of your solar panelling. Our high-quality, solar panel mesh acts perfectly in preventing birds from damaging your solar panels in several ways, guaranteeing your investment remains well-guarded.

Devising intelligent solutions for a modern problem

Through considerable experience with the birds gradually destroying a huge variety of regularly constructed roofs, we similarly saw that the potential for birds to destroy solar panels worth many thousands of dollars is likely. Birds can damage or destroy your panels in many ways — gradual damage can develop due to pigeons nesting under solar panels, excessive droppings can accumulate because of nesting birds, general deterioration stemming from continuously resting birds, among many other factors, all contribute to solar panel degradation.

Through this deterioration of your solar panels, you will see an obvious deterioration in performance. This performance deterioration may eventually cost you more than your initial costs—you even might have to replace the panels entirely if enough damage has been done, resulting in a huge investment loss. This kind of dire situation can be avoided, though. By allowing Elite Bird to bird proof your solar panels with our high-tech bird mesh, you will have considerable piece of mind knowing that you simply and easily avoided astronomical costs.

Insuring your investment for years to come

Solar panels are an obvious means to save money and the environment, but it isn’t immediately obvious that they need protection. If you’re investing in new solar panelling, are concerned for your existing panels, or even if your roof has existing damage, put a stop to birds further damaging your solar panels. Elite Bird are experts in their field, and are ready to help you mitigate bird-related damage. Contact one of our Melbourne-based experts to help future-proof your solar panels, and ensure that you are reaping the maximum benefit from your investment. Allow us to provide you a quote and answer any questions you may have.