Melbourne’s Most Effective Bird Repellent Solutions

While we use various methods to mitigate and remove birds from an area, what good would it be if we couldn’t keep it clear? At Elite Bird Control we offer a range of anti-bird installations that will keep any area virtually bird-free.

An infestation can lead to costly repairs, damaged property and unfavourable aesthetic issues, so call our team and give yourself full peace of mind. We can provide a long-term solution and give you more time to worry about more important things.

Implementing bird repellent gel, visual bird scarers and a variety of other strategies

We possess the skills, knowledge and experience to offer a variety of services to defend your property against birds. Just some of our range of bird repellents include:

  • Ultra Sonic and Sonic Bird Repellent Devices
  • Bird Repellent Gel
  • Variety of visual bird scarers and decoys

These can be complemented by our anti-bird netting installations to create a complete exclusion zone around an outdoor area or structure.

The highest standard of bird repellents

It’s vital that the species of the bird is identified on each and every project, as certain types behave in different ways and thus respond to different strategies. We have the knowledge to correctly identify the birds you are dealing with and, in turn, can choose the most suitable repellent in order to achieve the best result.

We provide this service to all kinds of clients including commercial buildings, airports, residential structures, restaurants, gardens, orchards, warehouses and much more.

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