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The longer the bird infestation remains, the more expensive it will become. By continuously spending time and resources cleaning up droppings and removing nests off buildings, you will notice a build up of costs that could have been avoided. The constant repair and the continual need of unblocking drains and the damage to building services, air conditioning, insulation and ultimately capital restoration for repairing masonry, the repainting of surfaces and replacement of corroded materials, etc. In some cases they can physically damage window frames, seals, solar panels, hot water systems, etc.

If you own, run or manage a company specialising in the packaging and shipping of stock. The losses associated due to damage from droppings, nesting material and birds being physically destructive can have a detrimental effect on repackaging/ reshipping costs.


Bird droppings are very acidic and can cause accelerated deterioration of roof sheeting, masonry surfaces, permanent staining and corrosion of a variety of materials. Nesting birds can cause extensive damage to roofs, eaves, monuments, plumbing/guttering etc.

Birds nesting around building ventilation, air conditioning and guttering will cause them to clog and work ineffectively with an end, result of serious damage and will also expose people to a variety of viral diseases, bacteria and viruses.


The appearance of bird faeces, nests and debris are unsightly and this type of fouling will smell unpleasant and negatively affect the aesthetics of the building and company that resides in it. It will put off potential customers/clients, and negatively affect the morale of staff. Is it worth the risk to your business?


The presence of bird droppings at entrances, on roofs, footpaths and on stairs are hazardous as people can slip, so it is imperative that organizations take action to prevent injury and the possibility of being sued.

Birds and their droppings carry allergens, parasites, bacteria and other health risks to humans. Even birds which appear healthy can carry disease.

Gulls are an ever increasing problem with their continual swooping when they are nesting in nearby locations.


Over fourty parasites and insects can live either on birds, in their nests or in the places they roost.

Some of the parasites and insects associated with birds include fleas, ticks, mites, lice and bed bugs. They are well known to invade from the birds actual roost sites that are found in and around buildings and coming into contact with people that are carrying out their day to day activities.