Echuca Football Club Grandstand

Anti-Bird Netting was installed to the Echuca Football Club grandstand and both the Murray Shire Council and the local footy community was pleased with the completed installation with the finished aesthetics and most importantly no more dealing with the birds droppings on game day and prior too.

Creekside College- Bird Netting

Anti-Bird Netting was installed to Creekside College primary school in Caroline Springs recently constructed undercover assembly canopy.

Birds Nesting in your roof

We will remove the Birds we find nesting then carryout the necessary Bird Proofing. When Bird Mites are detected we will carry out an insecticidal treatment to rid your property of these Pests.

Birds Perching on and Nesting under Solar Panels

We can evict all birds from nesting under solar panels and is now quite common to find pigeons to be the main culprits and create the most damage. The solar panels obviously provide great protection from the elements and they provide the same type of sanctuary for pigeons (Rock Doves) that they are generally […]

Domestic/Residential Bird Control

With Birds perching on your window ledges or guttering we can offer a range of Bird Deterrents and implement a variety of bird proofing strategies to help evict these unwanted birds from these types of areas.

Bird Spikes on Ledges
Post & Wire Deterrents on Guttering
Bird Proofing of Guttering.

Birds Nesting in and around your […]

Birds Nesting in and around your home

GRAIN CORP- Bird Netting

Anti-Bird 19mm Netting was installed to stop pigeons from perching through out grain delivery receiving shed in Geelong.

High Rise_-Bird Netting

We were contracted in by Allard Shelton Property Group to stop the pigeons from continuing to roost and nest on all ledges within the light well area. We conducted a clean up of Bird waste in the bottom of the light well and then installed 50mm Anti-Bird Netting to permantely stop pigeons from continuing […]

QANTAS- Safety Netting

McCORMICKS FOODS-Seagull Exclusion System

McCormick foods had a huge problem with Seagulls landing nesting on the their roof where they were making a huge amount of mess which causing a lot of damage and was costing a lot of money with the constant cleaning required through out the entire site. We installed our Seagull Exclusion System and have […]