Elite Bird can be your only solutions to bird control, bird spikes, bird netting, and bird deterrent.

The presence of birds is usually welcomed, as they are indicative of a diverse environment and are pleasing to most people.

In Australia all native birds are protected and every precaution must be taken to ensure they do not suffer any harm.

However, in urban environments when large populations of certain species are present, problems can arise from fouling caused by bird droppings and spreading of diseases. They can also nest in locations that may result in severe damage.

Hello Testimonial


Recently your company conducted an install of Bird Exclusion Netting on the premises we occupy.

This installation was done extremely well, extremely quickly and with no interruption to our staff or operation. In fact some people were not aware it was even done.

In particular, several of our staff made comment on the approach to safety taken by the installation crew. I encourage all our technicians to note others work and reports incidents when we see them and we have had several issues with contractors working in, on and around our building.

Your company however could not be faulted so I thought it only fair to pass on some positive feedback.

We will be happy to recommend your company in the future.

Michael Bagnall Branch Manager Electronic Security SNP Security