Other Pest Bird Species:

Effective control strategies for other pest bird species as follows:

Netting:– The most effective control strategy for 100 % Exclusion for all pest birds in all situations.

Bird Shock Track:– This system is ideal in most situations because the system provides an intermittent shock that simply teaches all pest birds to stay away, long term.

Bird Slope:– A brilliant proofing system that will keep all pest birds of ledges permantely.

Mist Netting/Live Bird Capture:– This innovative strategy can be implemented to catch and remove pest birds that become trapped and found unwanted inside buildings. They can be caught and removed without suffering any harm or becoming too stressed.

Live Bird Capture and Trapping:– This method can be a useful tool that can be applied in certain situations where it is necessary to catch and remove birds that have found themselves trapped.

Please note:
In Australia all native birds are protected under the “Wildlife Act 1981″ and every precaution must be taken to ensure they do not suffer any harm. Some pest species can be caught and relocated or euthanized, though this will require a permit or licence.