Bird Guarding Systems

Bird Deterrent Anti Bird Mesh (suitable for any bird, any pressure)

We offer a range of products which will provide effective solutions of exclusion for all types of pest birds. The products available can be used for filling in and around holes, A/C pipes, gaps over roller doors, roof gutters and plumbing, etc.

We can provide a system where general proofing products are not practical and it can be customised to fit the size of any area being treated and will not rust.

Bird Slope

(suitable for all birds, any pressure)

Where there are ledges where heavy pressure (nesting birds) demand an exclusion system, and netting may not be practical the Bird Slope is a perfect choice because it will completely protect the ledge against all bird species.

The birds simply can not get a grip and they “slide” right off the ledge. The Bird Slope product is designed to look like it is part of the building – it is available in grey or beige, but can be primed and painted to match any colour of the structure.

Made form a UV-stabilized polycarbonate this product will be long lasting.

Bird Shock Track

(suitable for all bird types, any pressure)

The electric bird deterrent system is changing the face of the bird control industry – building owners are actually paying to have spikes replaced with this electric deterrent system.

The Shock-Track is a low-profiled electrical deterrent system which is flexible and adaptable and can conform to any architectural configuration. Once installed the track is very hard to see close up and virtually invisible from a distance.

One row of this system can protect the same width ledge as multiple rows of other products.

Post & Wire System

(suitable for large birds only, light to medium pressure)

This is another anti-roosting deterrent that is used against birds such as pigeons to prevent them from continual roosting.

A variety of application strategies are available depending on the diversity of surfaces and structures offered.

It is suitable to be installed where bird infestations are light to moderate and to do it discreetly so most people are unaware that any bird barriers are in place.

Seagull Deterrent System

(suitable for Gulls only, any pressure)

Through many years of product and material research we have developed a seagull deterrent system that is second to none, we guarantee it.

This system is designed so it can blend into buildings and is much more cost effective and practical than installing a net.

We also provide unrestricted access to the roof so it can be easily accessed by maintenance staff and alike. No job is too big or too small.

Visual and Audible Deterrents

There a large range of these types of deterrents that is available on the Australian market. With implementing these audible devices, consideration needs to be taken. The audible noise required and created assaults the human ears and so it may not be practical for populated areas.

Sub-sonic and ultra-sonic devices appear to have little to no effect on birds. A wide range of visual scarers are available, including replicas of hawks and owls, also there are flags, coloured ribbon. The problem with some of these is that they are harmless to birds, and pest birds soon become accustomed to them.

We can supply and install any of these types of strategies and we are only too happy to provide advice on the best method available.

Bird Deterrents

We can supply and install a variety of Bird Deterrents that are sourced locally and overseas. So that we can offer a wide range Bird Deterrent solutions including Bird Spikes, Post & Wire Systems, Bird Shock-Tracks, Anti-Bird Netting and Seagull Deterrent Systems.